The Summoning, work in progress

Not a finished piece as yet, but I thought I’d post a gallery of the work in progress  – the witch girl summoning a demonesque being from her cauldron.

Serpent and Witch Girl

It’s been a long time since the last post, mainly due to the world going weird last year. Had some fun over Christmas with this one. Started with a scribble discovered in an old sketchbook. Quickly dropped the idea of using my warrior character in a fight scene. Settled on reusing the witch girl model instead for something more gentle. Erol Otus is the subconscious influence on the colours.


Fantasy City


This is one of those pictures that’s been sitting around unfinished for quite some time. Finally glad to give it some closure … it would be nice if the docks were filled with boats and people thrown in for that hive-of-activity feel but I don’t want to spend anymore time on this (it’s over a metre wide). The main aim was to show the buildings along the dock front for a rpg adventure (see npc drawings previously posted), that’s why the line work is a bit darker on the front.


Terrible Old Man










The subject for this month’s office downtime art project – ‘Supernatural’. My submission is an illustration for H.P. Lovecraft’s short story ‘the Terrible Old Man’.

‘folk say that on a table … are many peculiar bottles, in each a small piece of lead suspended pendulum-wise from a string. And they say that the Terrible Old Man talks to these bottles, addressing them by such names as Jack, Scar-Face, Long Tom, Spanish Joe, Peters and Mate Ellis.




















A monthly art project has been started at my work place. Tackle it any way you like, just have fun, no pressure. The theme for September – ‘Floating’.