Fantasy City


This is one of those pictures that’s been sitting around unfinished for quite some time. Finally glad to give it some closure … it would be nice if the docks were filled with boats and people thrown in for that hive-of-activity feel but I don’t want to spend anymore time on this (it’s over a metre wide). The main aim was to show the buildings along the dock front for a rpg adventure (see npc drawings previously posted), that’s why the line work is a bit darker on the front.


Terrible Old Man










The subject for this month’s office downtime art project – ‘Supernatural’. My submission is an illustration for H.P. Lovecraft’s short story ‘the Terrible Old Man’.

‘folk say that on a table … are many peculiar bottles, in each a small piece of lead suspended pendulum-wise from a string. And they say that the Terrible Old Man talks to these bottles, addressing them by such names as Jack, Scar-Face, Long Tom, Spanish Joe, Peters and Mate Ellis.




















A monthly art project has been started at my work place. Tackle it any way you like, just have fun, no pressure. The theme for September – ‘Floating’.