R’lyeh rising

R'Lyeh rising

The Alert 47°9′S 126°43′W in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

As usual this piece isn’t finished. There’s still a lot of empty space on the emerging mountaintop that I’d like to fill with architecture…and a few mistakes/gaps. For the time being this will have to do, and it seems appropriate to post something on the event anniversary (I’m updating this post on the 23rd). Apologies to the purists – this doesn’t really tally with the description of R’lyeh in the book, I just went with what I wanted to see. The plan is to eventually produce a second version where we see R’lyeh risen to a much greater height.


Silhouette 1 Steampunk out of time


Submission to a monthly artblog - the theme for March being Steampunk. I started with the idea of Queen Victoria floating around with the aid of a balloon attached to her crown and things sort of developed from there.  I ran out of time before I finished the colour version, hence the silhouette. Happy with the balloon, the aviatrix needs more work…


Jan 2014

Here we are in 2014 and I’m desperately looking around for something to replace my festive doodle - what with it being twelfth night ‘n all. This popped up – the old Jim picture that got put on one side last July. Still a work in progress . . .

JIM and BIKE collected layers