Silhouette 1 Steampunk out of time


Submission to a monthly artblog - the theme for March being Steampunk. I started with the idea of Queen Victoria floating around with the aid of a balloon attached to her crown and things sort of developed from there.  I ran out of time before I finished the colour version, hence the silhouette. Happy with the balloon, the aviatrix needs more work…


Jan 2014

Here we are in 2014 and I’m desperately looking around for something to replace my festive doodle - what with it being twelfth night ‘n all. This popped up – the old Jim picture that got put on one side last July. Still a work in progress . . .

JIM and BIKE collected layers


A friend of mine turned 40 recently so I thought I’d have a go at making a caricature model of him. Started with some exaggerated sketching and unflattering painting in photoshop…

… and then moved on to a sculpt. Can’t say there’s a fantastic likeness, but this was a far as I’d got by the time I’d reached the deadline I’d set myself, i.e. his birthday.

There’s a lot more to the Jim model besides the head, but all that needs tidying up before posting at a later date.

JIM JIM head thumbnails


Space Exhibition

I’m a bit out of practice with the Russian dolls, but working on a couple at the moment - while they’re coming along I thought I’d throw up some pics from an exhibition I was chuffed to be involved with last October.

Outer Space: World Space Week Exhibition at the excellent Sayle Gallery on the Isle of Man,

I was one of eight contributing artists. Many thanks to those concerned for letting me be involved!

I don’t know how long this is viewable, but here’s a possible link to a video from the Manx television website:

Starman  Comet Spaceman 2 Spaceman